Hybrid turf PowerGrass® is the best solution to meet the market demand for a natural grass playing surface which is resistant, durable, easy to install and maintain at a competitive price.

Play better & safer

PowerGrass offers the playing quality of natural grass with more safety.

  • Stable playing surface in natural grass reinforced, with shock absorbers
  • Natural ball bounce and control
  • Uniform, planar playing surface, without dangerous divots, according to the provisions of FIFA: Guide to natural grass pitches
  • Playable surface during rainfall
  • Less frost: synthetic fibres don’t allow ice formation, high porosity of topsoil facilitates the thaw and the backing coverage retains the heat on the root zone
  • All the advantages of natural grass for a fresh, non-abrasive playing surface
  • Playing activities up to 6 hours/day (during grass favorable growing period)
  • Lower construction costs of an artificial pitch
  • Reduced maintenance costs, equivalent to synthetic grass
  • Estimated lifespan up to 20 years, with regular maintenance

Resistant & long lasting

Resistant up to 6 hours per day, with a few precautions during the winter.

Thanks to the artificial grass, the grass sods will not raise any more and the playing surface is not easily damaged.

Exclusive Australian partner

Sports Build is your partner in supplying PowerGrass.

PowerGrass is ideal for Soccer, Rugby and Football pitches and any other trufgrass where foot traffic is frequent. PowerGrass has no borders, it is suitable for any place in the world where natural grass grows. Want to know more? Click here to view our PowerGrass website.

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