Our Teams are known for their open and proactive approach, and are committed to the principles of collaboratively working with our clients. We understand for our clients the delivery journey is as important as the final product.

Our team

Each Sports Build Team is defined by the project they are delivering. Our teams are selected on a best-fit-basis. Sports Build has the resources to appoint the right people for each project based on technical skills, experience and the role they will play within the broader construction team. 

From the initial tender stage, we involve nominated team members – chosen specially for the best fit of skills and character to the client’s project ensuring consistent and expert guidance from the start.

Sports Build are fortunate to employ a pool of talented people, across all levels of staff, from Senior Management, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Construction Managers to our Site Foremen who bring experience in many Sporting sectors.

Ongoing training and development programs keep our staff skills at the forefront of industry best practise, essential to successful project outcomes.

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Working with us

More than just a contractor, we can be your partner in Sports Infrastructure

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