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SKYEDOME by Sports Build – as featured by WORLD BOWLS Magazine

edited extract from inside bowls the official world bowls magazine

Known as SKYEDOME, the multimillion-dollar complex – self-funded by the Karingal Bowling Club located in Frankston, Melbourne Australia – features the latest and greatest in bowls accouterments with plenty of added extras designed for player and spectator enjoyment.

A smart decision made by the club leadership was to press Craig Morris and his Sports Build company into action as its Design and Build partner for the project. Sports Build is a well-known and respected entity in the bowls community having completed many top-of-the-range projects at prestigious clubs such as Moama,  Cabra Vale Diggers, and Tweed Heads Bowling Clubs.

The mighty SKYEDOME has a seven-rink ‘BowlsWeave’ woven carpet green from Scotland under a state-of-the-art Teflon coated micro fabric cover. The green features the latest electronic scoring system with a giant central screen, tier ed grandstand seating, TV-quality lighting, state-of-the-art quadrophonic sound, and a café style deck. Competitors are able to enjoy the flawless SKYEDOME green and its stunning undercover roof structure for all-weather play, but also the latest technology to assist with communications and the efficient presentation of events.

Forget whatever else you’ve been told, a club’s biggest asset is its greens, so the provision of the world-class SKYEDOME green and its surrounds were entrusted to Sports Build, the long-established Australian market leaders, who specialise in constructing and developing best-quality synthetic and natural grass greens that are second to none through their background and expertise in civil construction and project management. Lay people – (this writer fits right into the category) – have no idea of the amount of preparation and groundwork involved in building a green, while creating a jaw-dropping roof structure above it defies belief. Items such as stormwater drainage, sewerage piping, electrical wiring, and a hundred others all need maximum attention and planning.

Last October Murdoch’s Herald Sun reported ‘Big things are happening at Karingal Bowls Club, with the newest international standard bowls facility in the world being built there. ‘Anyone driving down Skye Road would get a surprise at the sight of a huge superstructure rising above the clubhouse.’

Sports Build got it right from ‘Go to Whoa’ – the finished product is spectacular.

Club Chairman – Mr David Allen with Craig Morris – General Manager, and Joanne Purvis Director, of Sports Build

‘It would have been foolhardy to erect a million-dollar hi-tech green and roof structure outside, yet have it attached to a rundown yet faithful 50-year-old premises,’ said Karingal chairman David Allen, a man who knows a thing or two about lawn bowls. ‘Throughout the project, we insisted that only the best professionals worked on the design and construction of the club, while we were equally insistent that only the best quality materials were used on the synthetic green, fabric roof, surrounds and clubhouse, while the furnishings and fittings within the clubhouse came under the same scrutiny.

‘About the only silver lining to the pandemic cloud was the club being closed for seven months in which time we were able to do a complete refurbish – the government had declared that only five workers were allowed on-site at any time which suited our purposes perfectly. ‘It’s probably isn’t prudent to detail everything that has been done, suffice to say, with a new stainless steel kitchen, the club now offers the latest in visitor enjoyment, entertainment, and service

So, it comes as no surprise that Karingal Bowling Club now houses ‘the newest international standard bowls facility in the world’ – from being the local bowls fraternity’s poorest relation to the pride of the peninsula in a matter of years is the stuff of fairytales.

And something tells me they aren’t finished yet.

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